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Snoot Shirts made a t-shirt with my Corinne Burns illustration on it.  You can buy it and wear it.  You could chop it into a crop top.  You could sleep in it.  You could get it huge and wear it as a dress with a collared dickie under it.  You could set it on fire.  I just got one in the mail and it looks like this on a body and on a hanger.  

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Jherek Bischoff celebrates the return of Twin Peaks.

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Track Title: He Needs Me

Artist: Zac Pennington / Jherek Bischoff

Album: Live @ The Moore Theater (September 4, 2014)

zac pennington ; he needs me

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Singer Zac Pennington at the Jherek Bischoff concert at St. Ann’s Warehouse (NYC 2014). x]

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Track Title: Days Of Future Past

Artist: The Dead Science

Album: School of Villainy [The Originals]

The Dead Science- Days Of Future Past

(from the School Of Villainy Mixtape)

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Photo by Angel Ceballos.

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this boy will be the death of me

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Sartorial Excess will be playing tomorrow evening as part of the Portland Garment Factory A/W 2014 presentation at Rontoms here in PDX.  The show will look really exciting and beautiful and will sound something like this demo we made.

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Zac Pennington & Eddy Crichton- Scavenger Type (Demo) (NoFx Cover)

"A garageband demo for a NoFx cover, from an abandoned project Zac & Eddy conceived in 2010."

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