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One of the most oddly compelling heavy music albums of the year, so far, comes from the unlikely duo of Andrew Hock (Castevet) and Charlie Looker (Extra Life, Zs, Seaven Teares). 

Stream “Undoing” by Psalm Zero

Photo: Amy Mills

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Well would you look at that

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Closet Visit with Amber Smith on Portland Supply Co’s blog.

[also an interview]

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does this count as a parenthetical girls show

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not actually until 18th of February but preorder option is up? at least bookmark this

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Track Title: Flowers For Albion

Artist: Parenthetical Girls

Album: Christmas.


merry christmas and good morning!  i’m waking up to flowers for albion.  this is one of my all-time favorite christmas songs by one of my all-time favorite bands.  i’ve been a parenthetical girls fan since i was 15 and first discovering what it means to be “queer”.  actually i was discovering what “bisexuality” is, but since that initiation i’ve cast such labels aside and become, simply, “queer”.

parenthetical girls have meant a hell of a lot to me throughout my life.  they were an integral part of my adolescent sexual development and maturation.  their second lp, safe as houses, remains firmly locked into my life, not just of that time but throughout time, to this day and into tomorrow.  this is a band that opened my mind to ideas and concepts that had been hidden from me forever, and discovering them was like surfacing in a pool of water for a gasp of oxygen.  they helped me contextualize a lot of things i was thinking and feeling back then.  they comforted me.  they still do.

then there;s the whole abuse aspect of that album and their music.  i won’t go too heavily into details, ‘cause it’s christmas, but zac pennington and friends’ tireless efforts to kill and dissect the patriarchy were badly, badly needed and shaped me into the person i am today.  undoubtedly for the better.

this isn’t all about queer shit though; you heteros can get in on the action too, because parenthetical girls are simply a phenomenal band that makes phenomenal, experimental pop music.  listen to “flowers for albion” and hear a totally fucked up, subversive christmas love story with the unforgettable refrain “let this be the night our empire dies”.  it’s transgressive and beautiful, like everything this band does.

merry christmas.  good morning.  how are you?  what are you listening to?

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Merry Christmas, everybody!

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